23 Mart 2009

Dude where is my lingo?

Inhale... Exhale... Inhale... Exhale... 1-2-3 Ok ready to go! From now on I will write in English, too. I will not translate everything in English but when the muse visits me, I will just hit the keyboard and write down something/anything here... Yesterday I had a great time with my Korean friend. First we had a coffee actually salep (aha gelde bunu İngilizceye çevir şimdi!) and then we had Chinese food. She got her BA degree from Canada therefore she speaks English very well. When I was with her I only had one thing on my mind (no! not my Asian fantasy of course!) I only think about how my English sucks! And I got too embarrassed! I don't have any chance to use it at work, and it's getting worse and worse each year... Anyway, that's just the beginning, I hope it won't be the last post in English.
And speaking about myself, I have to admit that I'm recovering. Right now I feel much like mmm back to world, like back to the city... Spring is coming so I just want to have good time & enjoy life (well if I don't get fired these days!). I hope I will only share my funny side of Noni here, not my disappointments or tears anymore... See you soon...

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  1. Noni, i am very happy to hear that you are recovering. have a lovely day, kisses :)

  2. say "again!" for me please... pheleeezzzzzeee! :)

  3. Still good enough, mine is really suck... :(:(:(
    Its really great to see back happy and gorgeous and funny and full of energy and this and that and and and...

  4. hehehe you suck in english:-))

    kizim bu fotolar ne kadar zamanini aliyo:-)) gulumsettin bugun beni:-)

    cok optum,

  5. That's my girl :))

    Common Noni just show us your funny side :))

    You know what I am so happy that you decided to write in English, sometimes I am also thinking about it, I started to write in English on my other blog last week :) But it just consists of my hand crafts :)

    Have fun Noni, because life is worth to live :))

  6. Thanx babes, I hope I'll progress it by that way ;) Kisses!!!

  7. Hi Noni, this is my first comment to you.when I read your post in english I couldnt control myself and my innor voice said that "you should write something":) so why Im here now..Regards..cCc

  8. Dear cCc thanks for the visit, all of your comments are very special for me ;)


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