06 Mart 2017

Hello Spring!

Yay! The spring has sprung, finally! After a long winter period, the sun showed its lovely face to us, how nice! I really miss facing the sun and wander like happy humming birds :)
As the weather changes smoothly, it's time to make some changes in our wardrobes, too... I started to remove my winter turtlenecks and sweaters away already! You can imagine from this how I hate winter :P I like to welcome spring with floral dresses and luckily StyleWe has many beautiful choices for it!
Jumpsuits are also my favorites! I easily add chic summer style to my wardrobe with them.
And spring also means outdoor celebrations! Wrap dresses are always a life saver when you don't know what to wear :)
You can learn more about it from StyleWe website anytime!

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